Aluminium Extrusion Profile China

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Aluminium Extrusion Profile China

China Huihao Aluminum (DaLian) CO.,LTD. Is an Aluminum Profiles System manufacturer in China.
The factory covers area of 30000 square meters and has 200 employees in total including 30 technicians and 15 senior engineers, 90% of the employees are skilled workers.
We specializes in manufacturing Aluminum Profiles System, Aluminium Extrusion Profile,customize molds and manufacture non-standard aluminum section products according to requirements of the customers.
Combined with outstanding productivity and service, our customers enjoy a significant market advantage.
Main products/service: Aluminum Profiles System China, Aluminum Profiles China, Aluminium Extrusion Profile China, Aluminum Profile Processing,Non-standard Aluminium Section.

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Город: Авдеевка
Дата: Пятница, 06 Июль 2018
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